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Revival Workshops

Churchland Stewardship & Creation Care

Presenter: Mr. Brian Sellers-Peterson

Have you ever been told that “charity begins at home?” When it comes to dealing with the climate crisis, environmental degradation, food justice, water protection, etc. it can be hard to know where to start. For the Episcopal Church, a good place is our Churchland.

This workshop will be a place to share stories, best practices, and builds a diocesan and churchwide movement that cherishes the wondrous works of God, and protects and restores the beauty and integrity of all creation. (General Convention resolution 2018-A016)

Come share and learn about church agriculture, soil health, wildlife habitat, neighborhood pollination, carbon sinks and landscaping, rewilding, orchards and forests, conservation burial, rain gardens, composting, creation prayer and liturgy.



Brian Sellers-Petersen lives in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Roslyn, Washington. After 30 plus years working for international relief & development organizations including 18 years with Episcopal Relief + Development, he runs Faithful Agrarian, a coaching and consulting practice focused on agrarian ministry and churchland stewardship. He also serves as coordinator of Good News Gardens, a joint program of the Creation Care and Evangelism departments in the Office of the Presiding Bishop. He is author of Harvesting Abundance: Local Initiatives of Food and Faith and co-hosts the SpadeSpoonSoul Podcast with Jerusalem Greer and Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows.

Taking the Church to the Community

Presenter: The Rev. Canon Anthony Guillen

By sharing stories and examples of what other churches have done, this workshop will present ideas and ways that may help increase the church's visibility especially to the Latino community. This can attract new members and create a positive image for the church in the eyes of the community. There will also be an introduction to ABCD – Asset Based Community Development.



Anthony Guillén is the Latino/Hispanic Missioner at the Episcopal Church Center in New York City. Previously, he was the rector of All Saints Church in Oxnard, California, a bilingual/bicultural parish in the Diocese of Los Angeles, for the last twelve years. Guillen is a graduate of the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest and the University of Phoenix. He was a student at the Seminario San Andres in Guadalajara and studied at the National Institute for Lay Training.

Sacred Third Space for the Nones and Dones

Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Portia Hopkins

Offering the possibility of the sacred to the "spiritual but not religious," primarily Millennials and Gen Z, requires innovation. Simply an invitation to church won't work. Third Space creation allows the church to partner with the local community to co-create a third space--neither work nor home--that provides for the felt needs of young adults and simultaneously offers an invitation to sacred community. In this workshop, we will explore the principles and structures that work for co-creating sacred third spaces and will look at some successful examples.

Hopkins headshot 5.png


Portia Hopkins has lived most of her life in the Bay Area. She became an Episcopalian about ten years ago and was ordained in 2020, drawn by the Episcopal Church’s beautiful liturgy and commitment to social justice. She spent thirty years as a college professor before answering a call to ordained ministry. She has degrees from San Jose State University, the California Institute of Integral Studies, and Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

Becoming Beloved Community Where YOU Are

Presenter: The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers

In this practical and inspiring workshop, Canon Stephanie Spellers will help participants to grow urgency and confidence around dismantling racism in The Episcopal Church and in Northern California. She will highlight efforts like Sacred Ground, From Many, One dialogues across difference, and local Truth-telling and Reckoning initiatives that have stirred Episcopalians to discern and act on God’s call to transformation and healing. 

Canon Stephanie Spellers.png


The Reverend Canon Stephanie Spellers is one of the Episcopal Church’s leading thinkers around 21st-century ministry and mission. She is a priest, author, speaker, and friend who currently serves as the Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Evangelism, Reconciliation, and Creation Care.

Rooted and Growing Evangelism

As we talk about evangelism, Scott Gunn will help us explore two crucial sides of the practice of evangelism. First, what IS the Good News? Second, how can we share the Good News in our pluralistic, complicated world? Scott will remind us of ancient practices that keep us rooted in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. And he will help us consider some practical ways we can share this news, so that the impact of the Gospel grows in our time.

scott gunn.png


I’m Scott Gunn, an Episcopal priest. In my ministry, I serve as the Executive Director of Forward Movement in Cincinnati, OH. Our mission is to inspire disciples and empower evangelists, which is something I’m always glad to go on about. You can buy books I’ve written. I am a Deputy to General Convention, serving on behalf of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. In 2012 and 2009, I served in this capacity from the Diocese of Rhode Island. I’m also on the board of the Anglican Theological Review. When I’m not on the road preaching or speaking, you can find me at Christ Church Glendale here in the Cincinnati area.

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